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I.... just deleted my tumblr.

?????? WEIRD.

I'm really trying not be ~~~~~dramaticz about it- I've barely been on all year- but it feels strange to not have it floating out there.

That said, the reason I deleted it was because it was a mild stress having it floating out there, so.

In other news:

  • I reread the Harry Potter series! I'm not sure I have too many coherent thoughts, but: 1) OMG wizard politics, 2) Hermione ate my brain, 3) good god Draco Malfoy is legitimately awful. like, I have no legs to stand on, but it truly baffles how popular he seems to be........

  • I probably will continue to be absent but I have whatsapp and an email address. I honestly don't remember how caught up the Interwebs as an institution are on my life goings on, but I'm not in a super communicative place right now unfortunately :/


Nov. 15th, 2015 05:49 am (UTC)
You saved yourself. Congratulations.

Draco is only lol!stan-worthy IMO. Obviously that's not what most of fandom's doing and thus they fail to appreciate the comic relief gold. (HE GETS TURNED INTO A FERRET BY A MOODY IMPOSTER. PRIORITIES.)