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Dear Night on Fic Mountain writer:

Dear Night on Fic Mountain writer,

Firstly, thank you so much for writing me fic! This is all super exciting and shiny for me, as I hope it is for you. :D

Secondly- these are much more guidelines than specific requests. Make what you want to make, and I'm sure I'll adore it.

There are, of course, things I tend not to enjoy so much, and things I tend to want to see. Good things: female characters, focus on characterization, characters manipulating other characters, playing with language, and it's perfectly acceptable to not want to make the characters super duper happy. :P (Or, you know, do. Whatever works, honestly.) Less good things: character hate, non-con, absence of females/bashing of females specifically. Not here for females having to 'change' to soothe the male ego, or having to 'prove' their love, and so forth. Oh, and marijuana use (personal past). Steer clear of those.

OK, here we go:


I'd love a story about politics, preferably Mary-centric. I spent a few minutes thinking if I could make it more specific than this, but gosh, that's basically it. Anything would be great- future!fic set in Scotland, unseen moments or moments from a different perspective, pre-series fic showing the lead up to the characters ending up in the positions they did in the pilot. Mary/Bash is extremely welcome, as is Mary/really any lady on the show; I also have a weakness for Catherine/Kenna, or Catherine/ladies generally. Honestly, I'd probably be delighted with anything you'd write that had this bent; basically, go for it. :D


I have very few guidelines here, so if that floats your boat, you should write this one. I have a weakness for Hamlet references in fiction, and an entire fic dedicated to the work would make me giddy. I should probably tell you that I do study Shakespeare for a living, but I do so with a very odd sense of humor, and I'm completely willing to appreciate whatever spin you'd like to take. Give me the play from a different point of view, be it serious (Horatio, for example, would be super interesting) or ludicrous (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, oh my god). Give me a ridiculous AU fic. Give me anything and I will EAT IT UP.

Anne of Green Gables

I'd actually adore an AU fic for this one. What if Anne never left off being a schoolmarm and didn't marry Gilbert? What if a different Blythe child died during the war? What if Anne never lost her first baby? These are random possibilities, nothing I'm attached to, so whatever you plan would be great. Or just something completely wild and different. Nostalgia is welcome and extremely encouraged. Diana/Anne is very important, and all the older ladies (Miss Cornelia, Susan, Marilla, Mrs. Lynde) are the dearest of dears, but they're all very precious to me.

Arrested Development

Either pre-series, wacky Bluth children antics or continuation of canon (whatever you consider that to be) would be delightful. If this gets written, I'm basically looking for a celebration of the characters in the most bizarre ways you can think of. I have a fondness for Lindsay and Lindsay/Tobias (how the fuck did they end up married? what happened to them, in the end? etc). Also, George Michael/Maeby isn't really my favorite, unlike many, so if you must write it, make it secondary to the plot.

Thank you again! I know this is all very vague, so if you want something a little more concrete, you can contact me through the mods anytime. :) Have fun with this, yes? Hooray!