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A meme, because of reasons

a meme from arabian:

Comment on this post with the word THUNDERCATS and I will choose six interests from your profile. You will then explain what they mean/why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

She gave me:

1. 30 Rock
Do you mean, my favorite show of all time? It's the only tv show I've watched consistently since it started airing; for most of the last decade I was too uber-focused on school to pay any attention to anything. But 30 Rock- it's just... perfect. I adore all of the characters. Snarky, topical, and utterly ridiculous, this show had a quality I can't even begin to describe. Liz is of course me, and I am of course Liz, and I adore everything about it. I love its brilliance, its ingenuity, ITS CHARACTERS- it has a sense of sublime ridiculousness to it that I just- I can't even. The hardest I've ever cried at a TV show was when it went off the air in January. I can't believe it's gone, and I'm absolutely going to continue watching it, over and over, for the rest of my life.

2. Community
Ah, Community. Where do I start? It's one of my major fandoms, for starters, which is problematic considering how UTTERLY SUCKY its fandom can be at times, not to mention the awe-inspiring douchebaggery of Dan Harmon. But the show itself? It's character-driven zaniness. Jeff and Annie are one of my forever OTPs, and I'll ship them to the end. It has HEART and yet is absolutely wacky, and makes me laugh while also giving me major, major feels. I love everything about it (yes, I loved the fourth season, and I will defend it to the end). I love Jeff's sarcasm and speeches and his journey and I love Annie's smiles and sincerity and the way she chooses to be optimistic, always; I love Britta's  confusion and meaningless passion and I love Troy's adorable childlike wonder; I love Abed's meta-ness and his love for his friends; I love Shirley, period, and I love Pierce's senility. (Sort of.) And don't forget Duncan (JOHN OLIVER OMFG ILU SO MUCH) and Leonard and everyone. It's a show that makes me laugh and makes me care and it does those two things better than any other show on the air right now.

3. Jane Austen
My ~favorite (not the best, mind you, but simply my favorite- a joy to read) author, the person who will forever be the answer to the question "What famous person would you want to be friends with/have dinner with/etc," she's a force of sheer wit, a master of the English language. I'm doing my best to turn my English major brain off here, and just talk in a visceral sense. :) I first read her at eleven and promptly devoured all of her books, again and again. Her juvenilia is amazing, because she's a *teenager,* and yet it's probably the funniest thing I've ever read (READ HER "HISTORY OF ENGLAND" and "LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP" NAOW. THEY'RE NOT VERY "GOOD" COMPARED TO P+P OR EMMA OR PERSUASION OR MANSFIELD PARK, BUT DAMN THEY'RE FUNNY.) I am forever in awe of her, her awareness, the way her sphere was so small, yet her consciousness so large. I adore her, simply put, and I will reread her always.

4. Once Upon a Time
TBH I'm meh about this show, but I watch it anyway, so I figured I'd put it as an interest. I love the concept- deconstruction of fairy tale narratives? Brilliant. And I love the ladies (Snow? Emma? Red? They're reasons to keep watching, for sure.) But idk, the misogyny, the predictability, and the sheer laziness of plotline (not to mention the lack of any coherence in the intellectual department) is just getting too much. I still haven't seen the finale, and I'm debating whether to continue watching next season.

5. Parks & Rec
On a more happy note....... Parks and Rec makes me GIGGLE. It makes me laugh, out loud, every five seconds. Amy Poehler is a comedic force not to be reckoned with, and every. single. character. on that show is fucking brilliant. I love the way it's SINCERE- nearly every show I watch is a cynical or dark or simply sarcastic or skeptical, but Parks and Rec is just a witty bundle of HEART in the most real way possible. I cannot with this show, really. It's perfection. (Also April is my spirit animal forever.)

6. Veronica Mars
I cannot believe I just watched this show in February. BECAUSE IT IS LITERALLY PERFECT (not literally- feminazis =/= good- but let's just ignore that for the moment). VERONICA AND LOGAN WHERE TO START. They're so DYSFUNCTIONAL. There is way too much to analyze here, but let's just say I love the way you can trace the character evolution, and the way we can see so clearly what drives each character (except it's always complex! But it's clearly SHOWN- not told.) I have way too many meta thoughts, so I won't start with that, except to say that my meta thoughts are inextricably tied to my love for the show. The way each character acts and thinks and the glorious relationships- there's so much worth talking about. I AM SOSOSOSOOSOSO happy about its return (those pics are KILLING ME I am DYING) and I really would write about a ten thousand word meta right now except I shut my pinky in the door this morning and it's too painful to write much longer.



Jun. 21st, 2013 06:05 am (UTC)
I started watching VM during season 01 and it was pretty much hell as a Logan, Logan/Veronica fan in fandom. So bad. So awful. But I've heard from people who watched it in bulk later that they had a much better experience. I went to town writing these loooooooooooooong-ass posts about it (and deconstructing every single L/V scene on my Logan/Veronica message board--which is since gone-- but I have them all saved on my harddrive. :) I also wrote fanfic, including a longer one that I never finished sadly. Still, yeah, that was my love/hate show in many ways. Kristen Bell is heinous, but I loved Veronica (mostly) and Jason Dohring is adorable and so talented. But yeah, that was really big for me. Hell being in the fandom though absolute hell.
Jun. 21st, 2013 06:18 am (UTC)
I'm so sorry your fandom experience was bad. :(

I love Kristen Bell, I'm sorry! And I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT VERONICA. The way she's so closed off, so damaged, so reluctant to trust because of everything she's been through...... so beautifully dysfunctional.

And of course, Logan Echolls, but then again, who doesn't love him.

Have you read youcallitwinter's VM fic? If not you MUST check it out. I mean you MUST. It's the best thing ever, I swear.
Jun. 21st, 2013 06:26 am (UTC)
Oh, most people who don't know about her love KB. I did before I found out what an awful person she is. (Although, she does save animals. I always give her credit for that.) She tried to get everyone fired who she thought got in her way. She treated fans like shit. She actually called fans stupid at a big VM event in Dallas (audibly heard by just about everyone there) because fans preferred Logan/Veronica over Duncan/Veronica. She crapped over Logan and Veronica ALL THE TIME. Treated Jason like crap behind his back. And, oh my God, I've heard so many horrible stories about her during VM and pre-VM. Just, ugh, ugh, ugh.

But when she's at her best, she's an AMAZING actress and when Rob didn't let KB dictate that Veronica be a pretty, pretty princess with beautiful long hair, cute clothes and perfect make-up, Veronica was awesome.

I'm sure I have. I used to be LJfriends with youcallitwinter but due to Caroline-related issues we parted ways. I met her through the VM fandom. I was pretty big in the L/V fandom, basically, I was kinda head of the fandom (which is scary in retrospect). Jason's an utter doll though. And most of the actors involved with the show are great and wonderful. And KB finally realized that Veronica was THE perfect role for her and she stopped turning her nose up at it when she didn't become this huge star.

Again, she can be a fantastic actress, and she saves animals, but... she pretty much single-handedly did EVERYTHING she could to destroy Logan/Veronica. Pre-season 03, her and Rob spent the entire press tour talking about adorable and wonderful Piz was and that fans would just love Piz/Veronica so much, they'd be clamoring for them. Not one word was said about Logan/Veronica or Logan despite the season 2 finale finally getting L/V back together.